Friday, January 28, 2011

Stuff I Love!

I’ve decided to start a Stuff I Love series. And the first I bring to you is this eccentric “Vampire Blood Bottle with Coffin Crypt” by CoffinCritters!. This delightfully macabre piece invokes images of strolling down the cobbled streets of New Orleans. Smells of spicy sweet Creole food waft through the air mingling and mixing with the sounds of street musicians. Who wouldn’t want a piece of this sitting on their mantle.

I love the attention to detail CoffinCritters! has applied to the coffin and bottle itself. The coffin has been artfully stained and a decadent rose print adorns the inside lid. I love the label on the bottle of blood. The scroll work and font come together for an old world pharmacy feel.

Check out this splendid morbid piece and other imaginative pieces at CoffinCritters!


  1. Coffin Critters items are so unique and fun! This one is great! I love the melted wax on the top. Such an old world feel.

  2. What a great feature! I'm proud to be in with the stuff you love. <3